The Composition of the Scent of the Green Vegetable bug, Nezara viridula

A. R. Gilby, D. F. Waterhouse


By a combination of gas, paper and thin-layer chromatography, and infra-red, visible, ultra-violet, mass and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry, twenty components were detected and investigated in the secretion collected directly from the scent storage reservoir of Nezara viridula. Structures were suggested for eighteen compounds, which normally comprised over 99.9% of the scent. Three previously identified compounds were confirmed as trans-hex-2-enal, trans-dec-2-enal and n-tridecane. Other major components (1% or more) identified were 4-keto-trans-hex-2-enal, trans-hex-2-enyl acetate, trans-dec-2-enyl acetate and n-dodecane. Trace amounts were found of trans-prop-2-enal, trans-but-2-enal, trans-oct-2-enal, cis-dec-2-enal, 4-keto-trans-oct-2-enal, trans-oct-2-enyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl propyl ketone, methyl heptyl ketone, n-undecane, and (probably) 4-keto-hex-2-ene. The distribution of the components between the two phases of the scent was studied. The analytical results are discussed in terms of identified constituents of scents from other bugs.

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