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Fractionation of the Asymmetry Current in the Squid Giant Axon into Inactivating and Non-Inactivating Components

N. G. Greeff, R. D. Keynes, D. F. Van Helden


The operation of the voltage-sensitive sodium gating system in the nerve membrane involves conformational changes that are accompanied by small asymmetrical displacement currents. The asymmetry current may be divided into a component that is inactivated by positive voltage-clamp pulses, and recovers from inactivation with exactly the same time course as the sodium conductance, and one that is not inactivated. A method is described for recording the two components separately with the aid of an inactivating prepulse. They appear to have a marked difference in their rising phases, that of the non-inactivating component being just about as fast as the imposed step in membrane potential, while the inactivating component requires some tens of microseconds to reach its peak.

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