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Cladistic analysis of Heliconius butterflies and relatives (Nymphalidae: Heliconiiti): a revised phylogenetic position for Eueides based on sequences from mtDNA and a nuclear gene

Andrew V. Z. Brower, Mary G. Egan


A new phylogenetic hypothesis for Heliconius and related genera is presented, based on DNA sequence data from mtDNA combined with a region of the wingless gene. This study also adds eight new taxa to a previous cladistic hypothesis based on the mtDNA alone. Simultaneous phylogenetic analysis of the two gene regions together supports a topology largely in agreement with traditional views of heliconiine relationships based on morphology and suggests that the mtDNA support for the sister relationship between Eueides and H. charithonia is due to convergent evolution of homoplasious mtDNA sites.

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