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  1. Article types

  2. Submission guidelines

  3. Length restrictions, page and colour charges

  4. Open Access in Proceedings B

  5. Open data in Proceedings B

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Article types

Proceedings B publishes Research articles, Reviews, Invited Perspectives and Comments, invited replies and commentaries.

Submission guidelines

Please take care to follow the Royal Society Publishing instructions for authors when preparing your article for submission.

Continuous line numbering should be used on your submitted manuscript to make it easier for editors and reviewers to assess your work. Figures should be uploaded as separate files where possible. 

Length restrictions, page and colour charges

Proceedings B levies charges for research articles which exceed 6 printed pages when published in the journal. As a rough guide, 850 words = 1 page and 2-4 small figures = 1 page. Please note that the title page, abstract, references and figure legends are all included in the word count.

We can consider articles that exceed this limit, up to 10 printed pages of the journal. We currently charge £200 per page or part page (plus VAT where applicable). For example, a 7 page article will attract a charge of £200, 8 pages £400, etc (plus VAT where applicable). Review articles do not incur page charges but are subject to the same length restrictions.

It is difficult to estimate how many printed pages in the journal an article will occupy before it is type-set. The number of journal pages an article occupies can be calculated using our Page Estimator Excel file.

Proceedings B welcomes the submission of articles containing colour figures. During final file submission authors must choose one of the following three options for figure reproduction:

1. Black and white figures online and in print - no charge
2. Colour figures online and black and white in print - no charge
3. Colour figures online and in print - charges apply (see below for more information)

Authors choosing option 2 (colour online and black and white in print) should submit one colour version of each image only. The figures will be converted to black and white for print, so authors must ensure that the colour figure is also intelligible in black and white. The figure legend should state "(Online version in colour.)" and, where possible, should not refer directly to the colours used in the figure.

Colour costs for the print version are as follows:
£300 (plus VAT where applicable) for 1-3 figures
£600 (plus VAT where applicable) for 4-6 figures

Open Access in Proceedings B

Authors may have their article made freely available to all, immediately upon publication, by payment of an article processing charge. Such articles are covered by a Creative Commons license allowing redistribution and re-use, and we deposit them in PubMedCentral on the author's behalf. Page charges and colour figure charges do not apply to Open Access articles. For full details including information on our Article Processing Charge please visit our Open Access page

Open data in Proceedings B

We require supporting data to be made available prior to publication so that all results are reproducible. For more information please refer to our data sharing policies. In order to make this policy as easy possible to comply with the Proceedings B submission system is fully integrated with the Dryad data repository. We also cover the cost of submitting data to Dryad up to 10GB.

Submit your article

Submit your manuscript online via ScholarOne Manuscripts.

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