Table 2

First-order partial correlations between religion richness (ln) and disease richness or pathogen prevalence while partialling the effects of potentially confounding variables. (All p values are <0.0001; sample sizes are in parentheses following the correlation coefficients.)

correlation between disease richness and religion richnesscorrelation between pathogen prevalence and religion richness
variable partialled
absolute latitude0.73 (214)0.54 (211)
population size (ln)0.59 (210)0.47 (207)
land area (ln)0.60 (210)0.46 (207)
democracy0.72 (167)0.58 (167)
GDP per capita (ln)0.72 (209)0.56 (206)
Gini0.68 (121)0.45 (121)