Table 1

A two-way proportional hazard analysis testing for the effects of bacteria priming (first exposure) and bacterial challenge (secondary exposure) on beetle survival. (The confidence intervals show all performed treatment combinations. The highly significant priming×challenge effect emerges mainly from survival differences among heterologous and homologous pathogen exposures. Asterisks indicate significant values; Nparm, number of parameters.)

lower CLupper CL
priming Bs−0.4350.146
priming Bt1−0.5650.006
priming Bt2−0.1640.37
challenge Bs−0.65−0.052
challenge Bt10.1150.64
challenge Bt2−0.3710.173
priming Bs×challenge Bs−1.39−0.205
priming Bs×challenge Bt1−0.070.833
priming Bs×challenge Bt2−0.320.647
priming Bt1×challenge Bs−0.490.583
priming Bt1×challenge Bt1−1.34−0.306
priming Bt1×challenge Bt2−0.010.893
priming Bt2×challenge Bs0.0060.955
priming Bt2×challenge Bt1−0.2280.629
priming Bt2×challenge Bt2−1.29−0.263