Table 1.

Overview of experimental colonies. Mitochondrial (mt) haplotypes are given for orphaned and adopting colonies, along with the number (n) of workers (w), queens (q) and males (m) genotyped for microsatellites in the orphaned, adopting and mixed colony, as well as the number of individuals in the mixed colony that were assigned to the orphaned and adopting colony, respectively. The number of individuals (n) analysed for CHCs and the time between queen removal and fusion are given in columns six and seven, respectively. See text for details on the case of JC26. Detailed information on analysed samples and colony behaviour is given in the electronic supplementary material.

orphaned colony (mt haplotype)adopting colony (mt haplotype)n orphaned (microsats)n adopting (microsats)n mixed (microsats) (orphaned/adopting)n CHCstime to fusion (days)
Q12 (3)JC2 (2)1q10w30w (9/21)5
JC26 (2)JC33 (2)10w; 1q10w30w (n.a.)5
JC35 (1)X1 (2)1q50w (17/33)5
JC18 (2)JC36 (2)1q20w26w (7/19)53w; 1q4
Q4 (2)X2 (3)15w; 1q15w20w (7/13)7
Q2 (2)X3 (3)15w; 1q15w20w (1/19)43
Q1 (3)X4 (2)1q2m10
Q13 (2)30w; 1q; 31m15w; 1qno fusion