TableĀ 1.

Mean tensile test results for natural and decalcified (decalc.) wool fibres and sei, humpback and minke whale baleen bristles. (n = number of wool fibres or baleen bristles tested from each sample.)

Es (MPa)nyield stress (MPa)nyield strainnbreaking stress (MPa)nbreaking strainn
wool (N = 6)12163724360.02836110370.5037
decalc. wool (N = 1)12692524250.02425118190.5019
sei (N = 1)11882811280.0122730a240.35a23
decalc. sei (N = 1)637296.7240.0142418a210.52a21
humpback (N = 1)12253115310.0153136310.5331
decalc. humpback (N = 1)9715011440.013443360.476
minke (N = 3)652337.1260.0142627210.4721
decalc. minke (N = 2)636377.2320.0143226170.4917
  • aSamples for which failure data were highly variable owing to fraying of samples at high strains.