Table 1.

The number of montane bird species in six biogeographic realms, the median IPCC A2 temperature anomaly within the realm, the median lateral range extent (range size) and vertical range extent, the number of species occurring in the IUCN 2008 Red List that are classified as threatened (i.e. critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable), the median per cent change in range size under the no-dispersal (ND) and vertical dispersal (VD) scenarios, and the number of species losing 50% or more of their range resulting in range sizes less than 20 000 km2 under the two dispersal scenarios (for species-level results, see electronic supplementary material, table S2).

realmspeciesmedian anomaly (°C)median lateral range extent (1000 km2)median vertical range extent (m)species (%) currently threatenedmedian % change in range sizespecies (%) losing ≥50% of range and resulting range size <20 000 km2
Afrotropics1303.5104150015 (11)−68−6452(40)50(38)
Australasia894.15315202 (2)−44−3327(30)20(22)
IndoMalaya703.612118006 (9)−59−3922(31)17(24)
Nearctic285.630213008 (29)−78−6812(43)9(32)
Neotropics5253.760140067 (13)−49−16182(35)70(13)
Palaearctic1675.5389170013 (8)−52−932(19)18(11)
World10094.81001500111 (11)−54−27327(32)184(18)