Table 2.

Cox proportional hazard models for age at recruitment with ΔAICc < 2, and the null model. The last row of the table indicates relative importance of variables, computed as the sum of the Akaike weights over all of the models in which the parameter of interest appears. Asterisks (*) denote variables included in the model. Int denotes intercept; R, social rank during the chick stage; TB, experimental treatment at recruitment stage; Gm, daily growth rate (g d−1) during the chick stage. d.f., degrees of freedom; logLik, log-likelihood; AICc, AIC corrected for finite sample size; ΔAICc, difference between AICc of a model and AICc of the best model; weight, ratio of AICc values for each model relative to the whole set of candidate models.

variable importance