Table 4.

Comparison of upper bound regressions to standard linear regressions for genome size by each flight ability predictor variable. We used an ANCOVA with an interaction term between the predictor variable and whether a sample was included in the upper-bound set.

predictor variable95% CI for upper bound slope95% CI for all points slopetwo-tailed p-value for upper bound interaction
heart index(−32.3, −19.1)(−18.1, −12.1)p = 0.018
relative flight muscle size(−1.78, −0.07)(−1.33, −0.70)p = 0.78
body mass(0.04, 0.21)(0.15, 0.20)p = 0.24
hand-wing index(−0.0095, −0.0049)(−0.0028, −0.00090)p = 0.003
wing loading(−10.26, 19.96)(20.42, 33.71)p = 0.86