Table 1.

Mean percentage of the water column that was undersaturated with respect to aragonite and mean proportion of individuals with severe shell dissolution across all stations sampled during the 2011 West Coast survey under present-day conditions (2011) and assuming reductions (pre-industrial) and increases (2050) to in situ measurements of DIC. (The relationship estimated in figure 3 was used to estimate the probability of observing severe shell damage under in situ DIC concentrations measured in August 2011. Proportions were converted to percentages for clarity.)

percentage of undersaturated water (100 m)
 all stations42953
 bottom depth < 200 m84872
 bottom depth > 200 m01338
mean proportion of ind. with severe shell dissolution
 all stations183857
 bottom depth < 200 m215371
 bottom depth > 200 m162445