Table 1.

Description of sherds containing significant concentrations of preserved lipids. (Site descriptions are given in the electronic supplementary material, appendix A. H.E.S. bowl, half egg-shaped bowl; FFAs, free fatty acids; APAAs, ω-(o-alkylphenyl)alkanoic acids; DHYAs, dihydroxy acids; TMTD, 4,8,12-trimethyltridecanoic acid; Phy, phytanic acid; Pris, pristanic acid.)

map no.lab. codelipid conc (μg g−1)formδ3C16:0δ3C16:0Δ13Clipid compositionclassification
Typical/Late Comb Ware
1Vantaa Maarinkunnas
KM-11, 30464 : 380209bowl−20.4−19.50.9FFAs (C14–C20); C18–C22 APAAs; C18–C22 DHYAsmarine fat
2Vantaa Stenkulla
KM-35 29954 : 2128565H.E.S bowl−19.4−21.1−1.7FFAs (C14–C22); C18–C22 APAAs; TMTD, Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine fat
KM-36 29954 : 2357151H.E.S bowl−23.2−23.10.1FFAs (C14–C20); C18–C20 APAAs; Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine fat
KM-38 29954 : 310560H.E.S bowl−24.8−24.40.4FFAs (C12–C20); C18–C20 APAAs; TMTD, Pris, Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine fat
KM-39 29954 : 4932273H.E.S bowl−25.8−24.81.0FFAs (C12–C20); C18–C22 APAAs; TMTD, Pris, Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine fat
KM-40 29954 : 7738146H.E.S bowl−19.1−19.00.2FFAs (C14–C20); C18–C20 APAAs; TMTD, Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine fat
KM-41 29954 : 9074204H.E.S bowl−23.2−22.70.5FFAs (C14–C20); C18–C20 APAAs; TMTD, Pris, Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine fat
KM-42 29954 : 184066H.E.S bowl−20.2−19.60.5FFAs (C14–C20); C18–C20 APAAs; TMTD, ?Pris, Phymarine fat
Corded Ware
3Kirkkonummi Tengå Nyåker
KM-1 8709 : 522398beaker−28.6−34.3−5.8FFAs (C14–C24)dairy fat
KM-31 8709 : 35342‘S-shaped’ amphora−27.1−29.8−2.7FFAs (C12–C20); TMTD, ?Phyruminant carcass fat
KM-47 8709 : 17105large beaker, impressed decoration−27.7−30.0−2.3FFAs (C14–C18)ruminant carcass fat
KM-48 8709 : 22292large beaker−25.8−31.4−5.5FFAs (C12–C22); C18 DHYAsdairy fat
4Kirkkonummi Koivistosveden
KM-44i 7734 : 111305beaker−24.2−23.80.4FFAs (C14–C20); C18–C20 DHYAs?marine fat
5Kirkkonummi Backisåker I (Kvarnåker)
KM-45i 7349 : 557large ‘S-shaped’ amphora−26.5−29.8−3.3FFAs (C14–C22); C18 DHYAsruminant carcass fat
KM-57 5944 : 461826decorated beaker−27.7−31.8−4.1FFAs (C12–C24), ?Phydairy fat
Kiukainen Ware
6Nakkila (Kiukainen) Uotinmäki
KM-53 5942 : 9484large funnel-type−25.4−25.6−0.1FFAs (C14–C18); C18–C20 APAAs; TMTD, ?Pris, Phy; C18–C20 DHYAsmarine and ruminant fat
KM-54 5942 : 11323unknown−26.9−29.7−2.8FFAs (C12–C20); C18–?C20 APAAs;?TMTD, Phy; ?C18 DHYAsruminant fat, ?marine fat
Late Bronze Age
7Raasepori (Karjaa) Kroggård Hagnäs llb
KM-5 20872 : 1615851amphora-type, flat bottom−27.2−33.2−6.0FFAs (C14–C24)dairy fat
8Kaarina Toivola Hulkkio
KM-6 27793 : 89233bowl with flat bottom−27.3−33.6−6.3FFAs (C12–C20)dairy fat
Morby Ware (Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age)
9Espoo Bolarskog I
KM-26 15583 : 71372small roundish pot with flat bottom−26.5−33.1−6.6FFAs (C14–C24)dairy fat