Table 1.

Maximum number of scavengers (mean ± s.e.) and the time (mean ± s.e.) at which the maximum abundance was reached at the different baits (min). The number of replicates (n) totals 4 for the P. periphylla and S. scombrus treatments, and 2 for the C. capillata treatment.

baitscavengermaximum numbertime of maximum number (min)
S. scombrus (thawed)M. glutinosa29.53.5115.061.2
M. tenuimana2.01.0238.8129.2
O. obtusa1609.5273.5712.5108.2
decapod shrimp1.30.6118.192.9
P. periphylla (thawed)M. glutinosa12.82.6102.536.0
M. tenuimana3.50.3286.3121.8
O. obtusa2024.71135.9623.8257.0
decapod shrimp9.03.1781.3238.9
P. periphylla (fresh)M. glutinosa6.30.9193.867.1
M. tenuimana5.80.9218.835.3
O. obtusa1136.7361.0501.368.0
decapod shrimp6.52.3570.6194.5
C. capillata (thawed)M. glutinosa1.00.0610.0142.5
M. tenuimana5.01.0600.037.5
O. obtusa1625.5282.31272.54.3
decapod shrimp6.03.0867.5100.0