Table 1.

Estimated population densities (and 95% CLs) for N. yaldwyni and other (non-crab) sediment-dwelling epibenthic megafauna along the ROV transect in Palmer Deep. Neolithodes yaldwyni density was calculated over the depth interval where crabs were observed and crab bioturbation traces evident (850–1419 m). Densities of other sediment dwelling megafauna were calculated for depths of more than 950 m (N. yaldwyni present and crab traces abundant) and less than 850 m (N. yaldwyni and crab traces absent) to evaluate lithodid influence.

taxondepth zone (m)density (km−2)lower 95% CL (km−2)upper 95% CL (km−2)
Neolithodes yaldwyni>850 (850–1419)10 600803013 900
cerianthid anemones<850 (600–850)15 000371060 500
cerianthid anemones>950 (950–1419)47 80043 30052 700
non-crab megabenthos without cerianthid anemones<850 (600–850)4670aa
non-crab megabenthos without cerianthid anemones>950 (950–1419)429030706010
  • aSample size too small to calculate CLs.