TableĀ 1.

Statistics for the food webs before and after the search for species with defined taxonomy down to genus level. (Shows the original (SOr) and final (SFin) number of species, and the original (LOr) and final (LFin) number of links. The last columns show the number of kingdoms (nK), phyla (nP), classes (nC), orders (nO), families (nF) and genera (nG) represented in the final food webs.)

food webSOrSFinLOrLFinnKnPnCnOnFnG
Weddell Sea4883641588096553204189170258
Little Rock18115623751832313163564137
Tuesday Lake73664103093910203547
Mill Stream8067367280259224054
El Verde156701510268249224056
Stony Island11374832224268223652