Table 1.

Model parameters, descriptions and estimated values. (The variable L denotes expected adult life span. See the electronic supplementary material for discussion of parameter values.)

τ0weaning age (youngest age eligible for adoption)2 years
τ1(L)age of independenceL/6
τ2(L)age of female sexual maturityL/2.5 + τ0
τ3age female fertility ends45
τ4(L)age of frailty (ineligibility to adopt dependents)min {2L, 75}
σ1age of beginning of male eligibility period20 years
σ2age of beginning of male ineligibility period25 years
cfemale conception and delivery rate1/year
α(L)male weighting factor for matingdecreasing function of L
μprobability of mutation in L at birth5%
Kpopulation carrying capacity1000 individuals
Δttime step of simulation1/3 year