Table 1.

Approximate annual donations from ‘National Partnership’ flagship species sponsorship programmes, and estimated annual budget necessary for full funding of conservation actions for those species, using actions to achieve long-term species persistence in the NZ Project Prioritization Protocol [4]. Note that the seven kiwi ‘species' include three geographically isolated subspecies of Apteryx australis that are managed as separate species. ($NZD, New Zealand dollars.)

speciesannual sponsorship from private sector partner ($NZD)annual cost for full funding of conservation actions ($NZD)
kiwis (seven species; Apteryx spp.)538 5001 741 100
Kākāpō (Strigops habroptilus)200 0002 265 800
Whio (Hymenolaimus malachorhynchos)500 0001 867 000
Takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri)62 5001 172 700