Table 4.

Permutational ANOVA analyses of the effects of egg size treatment (small versus large), oxygen treatment (100% versus 40%), day (1, 9 and 18) and male ID (nested within egg size, oxygen levels and year) on S. typhle ventilation rates, proportion of time spent swimming and proportion of time spent in the upper half of the aquarium. (n = 41. Analyses were performed on transformed and normalized variables.)

sourceventilation rateproportion of time swimmingproportion of time in upper part of tank
d.f.MSpseudo-Fp (perm)d.f.MSpseudo-Fp (perm)d.f.MSpseudo-Fp (perm)
 egg size10.000.000.977a17.087.490.010a12.212.430.132a
 oxygen level143.4539.39<0.001a10.230.240.631a10.520.570.450a
 year × day20.321.130.324a21.701.840.164a23.364.210.021a
  • aTerm mean square was tested against pooled mean square of residuals and all other interactions.

  • bMean square of pooled residuals and non-significant interaction terms.