Table 2.

Peptide matches to Brachylophosaurus collagen from Schroeter et al. [22] and the taxa they can be found in by BLAST search in parentheses, with an emphasis on the potential contaminants. Underlined residues indicate post-translational modification (oxidation of P). The emboldened peptide is reported as having two hydroxylated prolines even though we routinely observe this peptide with only one (at P3), with a nearby A–S transition identified previously as being problematic to distinguish; they acknowledge in the electronic supplementary material that it could be either.

peptide sequenceproteintaxa
*GSAGPPGATGFPGAAGRCOL1A1Tyrannosaurus rex, chicken, mammals (and others, including alligator)
*GATGAPGIAGAPGFPGARCOL1A1Tyrannosaurus rex, chicken, alligator and amphibians (and other reptiles and birds)
GFPGADGIAGPK (GFPGADGIsGPK)COL1A1ostrich and others (*alligator)
GFPGLPGPSGEPGKCOL1A1alligator and ostrich (and others, ranging from fish to mammals)
GQAGVMGFPGPKCOL1A1alligator and ostrich (and others)
EGPVGFPGADGRCOL1A2alligator and ostrich (and others, including reptiles, birds and mammals)
GATGLPGVAGAPGLPGPRCOL1A2alligator (and rodents)
GEPGNIGFPGPKCOL1A2alligator and ostrich (and others, including birds and mammals)
  • *Note that these were the two peptides observed in both analyses [5].