Table 1.

Peptide matches to Brachylophosaurus collagen from Schweitzer et al. [14] and the taxa they can be found in as originally stated (with added observations by BLAST search in parentheses, with an emphasis on the potential contaminants). Underlined residues indicate post-translational modification (oxidation of P; deamidation of N).

peptide sequenceproteintaxa
GSAGPPGATGFPGAAGRCOL1A1Tyrannosaurus rex, chicken and mammals (and others, including alligatora)
GATGAPGIAGAPGFPGARCOL1A1Tyrannosaurus rex, chicken, alligator and amphibians (and other reptiles and birds)
GETGPAGPAGPPGPAGARCOL1A1chicken (and other birds, including ostrich)
GVQGPPGPQGPRCOL1A1Tyrannosaurus rex, chicken, alligator and opossum (and others, including ostrich)
GPSGPQGPSGAPGPKCOL1A1chicken, alligator, rat and opossum (and others, including ostrich)
GSNGEPGSAGPPGPAGLRCOL1A2chicken and alligator (and other birds, including ostrich)
  • *Note that this amino acid sequence (bold) was ‘corrected’ from the T. rex sequence originally proposed by Asara et al. [5].

  • aThis part of the sequence is not currently complete for ostrich (Struthio) by BLAST search.