TableĀ 1.

Details of the disc scent and visual patterns for the six training regimes used in experiment 2, with details of the number of bees trained (n) for each regime. In each training period, five of the rewarding and five of the non-rewarding disc types were used in the arena. Regimes correspond to the patterns described in figure 1e.

regimediscs with rewarding stimulusdiscs with aversive stimulusn
ivisual circle, scented circlevisual cross, scented cross10
iivisual cross, scented crossvisual circle, scented circle10
iiivisual cross, scented circlevisual circle, scented cross7
ivvisual circle, scented crossvisual cross, scented circle8
vvisual cross, no scent patternvisual circle, no scent pattern10
vivisual circle, no scent patternvisual cross, no scent pattern10